About Us

The fact that we were born as a cultural project may say it all. Alma Magazine came to life to break through the typical Hispanic stereotypical image, introducing an intellectual publication for the highly educated Hispanic in the United States. Alma was created for the people striving to maintain their identities while integrating into wider society. They incorporate those cultural attributes that allow them to grow while preserving the roots of their identities. Language is one of the primary components of a culture; the conservation of the Spanish language fosters heritage while enriching its new home in the United States. Alma is that space where the reader feels free and confident, where desires are not always derived from material possessions. It is a medium that offers reflection with an open mind. Opinion results from understanding and factual knowledge, coupled with the re-evaluation of our own identity. Urgent reading. Important reading. Music that cannot be absent. The beautiful things that make our lives flourish. The books that enrich us and the people that, in Alma, always speak of the unpredictable. Alma is selective yet not exclusive. It emphasizes egalitarian participation as a universal expression of openness and freedom. Alma is a magazine for integration. It’s a journey to autonomy, enjoyment, and knowledge. Its selectivity comes from the devotion to those events that indulge our senses as well as our intellect. And it must start with a privately won personal battle: the one that differentiates a free Hispanic from a simply successful one. For more than 17 years, Alma Magazine has been the only Spanish Magazine distributed nationwide that reaches the affluent Hispanic community currently residing in the United States.